June/July 2017

June/July 2017

I have always been hugely inspired by all things Japanese. Their level of craftsmanship and creativity is something i have aspired to replicate in my work.  I have made quite a few hats using original Japanese hat patterns during my hatting carrier, and this shape has always been a best seller as it offers great protection from the sun, as well as offering a style that compliments many face shapes.  

I was recently having a look at Japanese fashion books and how they style their clothes and accessories with very interesting fabrics. They use a lot of natural linen and also focus on monochrome prints accentuating one bold colour. Often using geometric patterns. 

While hunting through everything i was finding out i stumbled upon a brilliant  site that sold authentic Japanese fabric prints.  I was blown away by the diversity of prints they had.  It was so inspiring to see all of the styles they had and how they use metallic over prints to create a very interesting and aesthetic pattern.

I thought it would be perfect to use these Japanese fabrics to make my sunhats, and make them my hat of the summer.

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