March 2017

March 2017

At the end of February I was contacted with a very special request to make three caps ( two modern mens flat caps and a ladies vintage Chanel cap) from two pairs of tweed breeks that belonged to their late father. it was a real honour to be asked to make something 
of such significance!

I really enjoyed the task of piecing the tweeds and creating a new textile from the breeks.  I wanted to keep as much of the original detailing as possible.  I used the buckles from the bottoms of the legs, to add a unifying and functional detail to back of each cap.  The tweeds blended together beautifully, with one tweed having a lovely blue over-check in the herringbone weave. 

The high quality of tweed in the breeks resulted in a great outcome, with a highly aesthetic finish!  


Here are some lovely words from S Thomas who commissioned the hats.

It was a very enjoyable, rewarding task!

I looked at the hats Liz had on display at a market in Shaftesbury, they were beautifully made and it got me thinking. My Dad died last year, he loved fly fishing and always wore tweed shooting breeks. I kept the breeks, not knowing what to do with them. Now, having seen the quality of Liz’s work, I hit upon the idea of having peaked caps made from the 2 pairs of Dad’s breeks, one each for me, my sister and brother. I contacted Liz who was very helpful and receptive to the idea, we met up at the next market in Shaftesbury and I gave her the breeks, we looked at designs and came up with a great one for my sister and flat peaked caps for my brother and me at a very reasonable cost. I gave her the sizes and within a week, we had 3 wonderful mementos of our Dad that look like they will last forever!

 It will be a lovely surprise for my siblings when I see them next year. Thanks a million Liz.

 S Thomas



: If you have a similar need don’t hesitate to contact me, and i will see what i can do!

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